Andrew is a professional clarinet performer on modern and historical clarinets, who has studied historical clarinet making with esteemed clarinet maker Soren Green.

In 2016, Andrew was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to learn how to make historical clarinets and chalumeau, and since returning from his studies in Europe, has established a workshop in Sydney, Australia.

Using locally sourced Australian timbers, Andrew has discovered a variety of different timbers with qualities for amazing clarinets. While his studies specialised in early clarinets, he produces a range of hand crafted barrels for modern clarinets, customisable to any clarinet.

In addition to making modern clarinets barrels, historical clarinets and chalumeau, Andrew repairs modern system clarinets for students and professionals alike.

As a working professional performer, Andrew understands the needs of clarinetists, and can tailor barrels and instruments to each individual, and customise your setup to ensure that optimum comfort and playability is obtained.

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