Barrels and Instruments

Andrew makes the following instruments and accessories:

Modern clarinet barrels hand-crafted to exactly match the bore, mouthpiece and top joint of your clarinet. Available in any length you desire (the most popular is 65.5mm, although I personally play on a 64mm barrel to suit my mouthpiece).

Barrels currently available to suit Buffet, Backun, Yamaha models and E-flat clarinets, although I can custom make a barrel to suit any clarinet. Approximately 2-3 weeks to prepare a custom barrel for any instrument.

Currently available in several different woods – currently Yaka, Royal Rosewood and Kersonewood.

Price: $220AUD & $250AUD with carbon fibre or alloy rings

Historical clarinets available to order:

Soprano Chalumeau (A=415 or 440Hz) $1000AUD

Alto Chalumeau (A=415 or 440Hz) $1000AUD

Tenor Chalumeau (A=415 or 440Hz) $1200AUD

Bass Chalumeau (A=415 or 440Hz) $1500AUD

5-Key Classical Clarinet (A=430Hz and A=440Hz) $2500AUD

Test playing of existing instruments is available by contacting Andrew and visiting his workshop in Sydney.

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