Barrels and Instruments

Andrew makes the following instruments and accessories:

Modern clarinet barrels hand-crafted to exactly match the bore, mouthpiece and top joint of your clarinet. Available in any length you desire (most popular is 65.5mm).

Barrels currently available to suit Buffet, Backun, Yamaha models and E-flat clarinets. Approximately 2-3 weeks to prepare a custom barrel for any instrument.

Currently available in several different woods – currently Yaka, Wenge, Royal Rosewood and Kersonewood.

Price: $220AUD & $250AUD with carbon fibre or alloy rings

Historical clarinets available to order:

Soprano Chalumeau (A=415 or 440Hz) $1100AUD

Alto Chalumeau (A=415 or 440Hz) $1200AUD

Tenor Chalumeau (A=415 or 440Hz) $1300AUD

Bass Chalumeau (A=415 or 440Hz) $1500AUD

5-Key Classical Clarinet (A=430Hz and A=440Hz) $2500AUD

Test playing of existing instruments is available by contacting Andrew and visiting his workshop.

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